Who Found
Triton Alliance
When Found
Where Found
Beneath Smith's Cove
Firsthand / Secondhand
Triton's 1988, "Summary of Operations...". pg. 3:06. Dan Blanekship's "Summary of Work Performed at SMith's Cove" August 31-Sept. 18, 1970, Item #7. Dan Blankenship's "Summary of Work being Done At Smith's Cove" Aug. 31- Sept. 18, 1970, Item #7. See letter from A.B. Dove of STELCO to K. Ellerd dated Nov. 19, 1970, Pgs. 1&2
Location Today
Oddity Factor
Assessment of Authenticity
Letter from Dove to Ellerd states it may "have been used as a pry or bar or as a drift pin for a major wooden construction" "I would still believe it was produced prior to 1800"
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