Franklin D Roosevelt and early searchers oak island webHuman nature can be a funny thing. Set forth a challenge and we will rise to it. Offer up a mystery and we will set our hearts and minds to solving it. If it were not so, our world would still be unexplored and great discoveries would remain hidden. Like all aspects of human nature, some are bestowed with a greater measure of curiosity and drive then others. Many of the names below and those associated with the companies and syndicates noted were, and are, of a breed who champion the adventurer's spirit.

Let us hope, that someday soon, Oak Island gives up its secret so that all those who have been involved in the search since that fateful day in 1795 can rest in the knowledge that their quest was not without promise.

1795 Daniel McGinnis, John Smith, and Anthony Vaughn
1804 - 1805 Onslow Company
1848 - 1851 Truro Company
1858 - 1862 Truro Syndicates
1863 - 1865 Oak Island Association
1866 - 1867 Oak Island Eldorado Company
1893 - 1899 Oak Island Treasure Company
1909 - 1911 Old Gold Salvage Company
1931 William Chappell & Associates
1934 - 1938 Gilbert D. Hedden
1938 - 1944 Edwin H. Hamilton
1951 M.R. Chappell and Frederick Blair
1955 George Greene
1958 William and Victor Harman
1959 - 1965 Robert Restall & Family
1964 - 2016 Frederick Nolan
1965 - 1967 Robert Dunfield
1967 - 1969 Daniel Blankenship & David Tobias
1969 - 2007 Triton Alliance
2007 - Oak Island Tours Inc.


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