explore oak island displayThe Explore Oak Island Display is housed in the beautifully restored Chester train station, circa 1904, part of the former and historic Halifax/Southwestern Railway. It has been delighting visitors from around the world since June 2012. Admission is free and it is open throughout the summer during regular hours or off season by appointment. Please visit the Chester Municipal Heritage Society web site for more details on Station hours of operation.

Inside you will find a chronological interpretation of over 200 years of Oak Island history with original artifacts, photos, maps, unique dioramas, models, displays and items that can’t be seen anywhere else. Stained glass windows and other original art help explain the amazing and gripping Oak Island story. If you are part of a group, we would be pleased to offer an interpreter for your Oak Island history experience; this must be set up beforehand.

Children may enjoy following the “pirate footprints” on the floor and adult guests will be enthralled with the Displays and even a local artisanal gift shop to take home an Oak Island inspired souvenir. Other displays include gold mining history of the area, sailing, boating and other historical displays. The grounds are perfect for a rest stop, dog friendly, lots of picnic tables, shade and good-natured, informative staff. A bathroom is available. Most of the space is disabled persons friendly.

It is owned and operated by the Chester Municipal Heritage Society and dedicated to the founder of the now defunct Oak Island Tourism Society John Chataway and its many members. The EOID has been used as a backdrop for documentaries, news stories and the Curse of Oak Island TV show.

Location: 20 Smith Road, Chester, Nova Scotia
Curated by: Danny Hennigar

A small sampling of what you can see...


7 Seas Rum Poster
National Enquirer front page 1965
Phipps Theory by the late Graham Harris
Erwin Hamilton's Tea Pot
Stained Glass Templar Knights Cross
Diorama depicting the initial discovery

Oak Island Money Pit Poster module

Oak Island Poster

The legend beautifully captured in a high quality 36" x 24" Oak Island poster.


oak island interactive map

Interactive Map

Explore Oak Island's key features using Google's mapping technologies!


The Oak Island Shop

Check out our new shop of Oak Island inspired T-shirts and merchandise!