oak island mapLike any mystery, and to be certain Oak Island is one of the world’s greatest, there are fundamental questions to be addressed. Simply stated, one seeks to discover the Who, When, What, Where, Why, and How of the matter.

Incredibly, after two hundred and twenty plus years of research and investigation, we do not know Who and can only approximate When. There is no proof of What but we can entertain a notion of Where (but not exactly where). We do not yet understand Why because we don’t know the Who and the What. Finally, our understanding of How is predicated only to the extent by which we understand the workings thus far discovered… and that is likely not a complete picture.

Recognizing that the original workings on the island date back some three hundred, four hundred, or even more years, we still do not have definitive answers to these fundamental questions. While new information continues to be unearthed, discerned, and speculated upon, the mystery steadfastly remains.

How is that possible you might wonder? Indeed, how is it possible that such an undertaking, requiring what was surely a well organized cast of characters and resources has remained hidden from the pages of history? People talk, secrets are betrayed and yet in the case of Oak Island, nary a whisper of a clue has echoed down to us these many long years. One might begin to speculate that the old pirate philosophy of “dead men tell no tales” was employed with great precision.

The Oak Island mystery has outlived generations of searchers and yet there are always ready hands to pick up the torch. Individuals who have read the stories, studied the history, and remain convinced that the work undertaken on this small island off Nova Scotia’s southern coast hides a secret of epic proportions. Be that treasure of a mere financial nature, historical artefacts, or perhaps something of even greater value to our collective humanity.

Theories abound and this website will touch upon several of the more popular and credible of those put forward. There are of course people who do not believe in the mystery of Oak Island and many articles exist which debunk claims and put forth alternative theories to explain what has been discovered on the island. This is human nature and it remains the inherent right of each and every person to arrive at their own conclusions. Hopefully, any conclusions or opinions arrived at will be after due consideration is given to the amassed evidence spanning over two centuries of endeavour.

What the record does show is that from the original discoverers up to the present day many people have spent their entire lives fully committed to their belief that the mystery is real. Not only the original discoverers but in many cases, the children and grandchildren of those early searches and numerous other credentialed individuals throughout the ensuing decades. As the nature of the workings became known and various artefacts uncovered, their faith was buoyed and commitment strengthened. Some have lost fortunes in the pursuit of the answer and others have forfeited their lives. Such is the power and the attraction of Oak Island.

This website is not intended to be authoritative nor exhaustive on the subject of Oak Island but rather to provide a worthy introduction. There are many excellent books written about the Island and we would encourage all who share the adventurer’s spirit to partake of one or more of these books. As you acquaint yourself ever deeper with the facts, the discoveries, and the perplexing mystery surrounding Oak Island, you too may choose to pick up the challenge of matching wits with the mastermind(s) who so many years ago set in motion this great enterprise.

We offer a tip of the hat to all those who have come before and to those who yet toil in the search.

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