Following is an incomplete listing of artefacts discovered on Oak Island as compiled by treasure hunter, the late David Tobias. Clicking an item title will take you to additional information and in many cases, a PDF link which offers further supporting materials on the artefact.

Item When Found Where Found
Layers of ashes or "characoal" 1804 Original "Money Pit"
Layer of coconut fiber 1804 Original "Money Pit"
Oak platforms every 10': made up of oak logs 6 to 8 inches in diameter "tightly attached to the sides" of the Money Pit 1795
Original "Money Pit"
2' settling of earth below first platform 1795 1804-5 Original "Money Pit"
Oak partially rotted but still capable of supporting 10' of earth. 1795 1804-5 Original "Money Pit"
Spruce platform rather than oak at 98' 1894 Original "Money Pit"
Long inclinded Ramp, beneath Smith's Cove 1936 1970 (Sept) Smith's Cove between low tide line and cofferdam
Fan drains and filter at Smith's Cove 1850 1863 1866 1936 1961 1970 Smith's Cove: between high and low tide levels
Huge boulder offshore Smith's Cove 1970 Smith's Cove, Southeast portion below low tide line
500' tunnel at about 110' depth to Smith's Cove 1850 1864 1897 Money Pit to Smith's Cove; dimensions at Money Pit end claimed to be 2 1/2' wide by 4' high
Shaft at South Shore beach 1965 1966 25' South of "Stone Triangle"
Ice holes off South Shore beach 1980 1987 Off South Shore
Hydrolic lock 1803 1861 between 104' and 114' in original Money Pit
Puddled clay and/or "Putty" 1897 1967 Money Pit area approximately 115' to 200' depth. Blair says puddled clay encountered from 125 ft until "Iron" object struck at 170' which would be about 115 to 160' in today's measure. Triton encountered from 160' to 200'
Tunnel existing at 115' from Money Pit to South Shore 1898. 1931. 1942. 1980 & 1987 (see "Ice Holes). 1992 1993 Money Pit end found in Chappell Shaft at 115' in 1931 and in Hamilton Shaft in 1942 at 150' but the latter contradicts in that it found the entrance on the east side rather than the southwest. South Shore ends found in 1898 at 3 locations on or below the low tide line. Hydraulic connection to South Shore also surmised by 4 ice holes found in 1980 and during drilling/pumping action in 1993.
Iron "Plate" at 170' 1896 In Money Pit at 170' (see F.L. Blair's 1926 account which says 170' versus others which say 171')
40' deep cavity from 142' to 182' in Money Pit area 1965 Money Pit area. Several boreholes (approximately 139' to 189')
Use of "cement" 1896 1910 1967 Money Pit Area
Road from Money Pit beneath swamp to Joudrey's Cove "underwater wharf" or Island's west end 1795 Money Pit to Joudrey's Cove shore near large boulder and possible remnants of Stone "Wharf" or to west end of Island "British Colonist" article dated Jan 2, 1864 "they found that the remains of a tolerably well made road from it to the west shore of the island were still discernable"
Large oak stakes submerged in swamp In Nolan's portion of swamp
Stone "Wharf" underwater in Joudrey's Cove below low tide line on beach east of the large boulder marking the northwestern arm of the "Christian Cross"
Second stone "triangle' on South Shore pointing North to Cave-In Pit 1972 (March 20) Approximately 480' southeast of Money Pit
Shaft in SW corner of Swamp In Triton Alliances' portion of the swamp 6' below today's water line.
Narrow 'wells", stone lined, 5' deep
Three large piles of stones forming an arrowhead
Westerly Drilled Rock - 1" x 2" hole 1896, 1937 About 50' north of Money Pit
Easterly Drilled Rock 1937 Near Smith's Cove beach
Stone-lined depression with plate in each corner Near 10X Shaft
Cemented-in spot on "Christian Cross" boulder Joudrey's Cove beach, this boulder forms the north-western end of the "Christian Cross" arm
Square shaft filled with boulders Near Christian Cross. Above top of stem
"X" on Apex Stone of "Stone Triangle" 1959
30' shaft in high ground located through use of 2 drilled rocks and Stone Triangle 1962
At 65' found old whale oil lamp filled with oil (Heddon Log); 1938 at 65' in Hedden Shaft
At 80' found old oak stump (Heddon Log) 1983 at 80' in Hedden Shaft
Timber with bolt on which Chappell set the drill when drilling for treasure in 1897 1931 at depth of 90' in the Chappell Shaft
Huge ring-bolt in boulder visible at very low tide 1795 Smith's Cove?
Partially burned piece of oak found at same depth of approx 5' below surface 1850 Adjacent to Smith's Cove drains
Oak tree on Island: Cut down and found end of knife blade with crescent tip. Tree calculated to date from 1748 or earlier. 1931
Teir of flagstones athey later "ascertainted that these stones were not indigenous to the island but must have been brought from Gold River, about two miles distant". 1795 about 2' down in the original Money Pit
Red clover and other plants foreign to the soil were growing over part of the cleared area 1795 Clearing surrounding the Money Pit
Marks and figures on trunk of rock 1795 Overhanging Money Pit
Branch with old tackle block was 4' long and 18' up from the ground 1795 On oak tree overhanging Money Pit
Wooden tunnel (tree-nail) converting the fork into a small triangle 1795 On branch of oak tree overhanging Money Pit
Triangle of three oaks with carvings in them around Money Pit 1795 Surrounding Money Pit
Second ring-bolt embedded in a boulder underwater 1795+ Off the north shore of the island
Whistle "made of bone or ivory, of a very ancient pattern and peculiar design" 1885 (circa) The soil of the shore between the cofferdam and the shore line
Whistle, about three inches long, also of bone or ivory and shaped like a violin 1901 (circa)
Copper coin, weighing an ounce and a half, dated 1317. Another version gives the date as 1713, "which is more likely" 1890+
Thin disk ofmetal embedded in the core, bright on one side 1909
Bits of china, blue and gold 1933 14' from 1931 Chappell Shaft at a depth below 123 ft.
A bulkhead composed of oak and cement 14" thick was drilled through at 136'. The drill then dropped 33' to 169', clear of everything, then entered mud and bits of oak in a state of decay to 176' where it struck a solid substance 1933 Borehole #13 from 136 to 169' (approximately 126 to 159' today)
Oak timbers at 10' intervals, void 100' to 110' plus void 110' to 155' then clay to 190' 1955 In 4th Borehole (approximately 100' to 145' today)
Found 300 metal objects using a metal detector 1965 (August) Various places on Oak Island
An anchor 1965 (August) Offshore (underwater)
Spanish "Maradevi" coin dated 1598 1965 (August) On the site of Anthony Graves's house. O'Connor claims that this coin was found near Joudrey's Cove.
Pieces of china 1965 (August) Offshore (underwater)
Several iron rings underwater 1965 (August) Offshore (underwater)
Third ring bolt in rock 1965 (August) South Shore (not far from the Stone Triangle)
Drilled Money Pit area with their deepest hole going past bedrock to 212'. Brought up samples of oak and spruce, coconut fiber and ships caulking (probably puddled clay) from depths of 150' and more 1958 Money Pit
Inscribed stone"claims to have a picture of the sun with flaming rays, surrounded by some strange letters he could not read" 1934-1938
Stone Monument or Marker 1993? 206' above top-most boulder in the stem of "Christian Cross"
"Medallion" (crest? inscription?) " approximately 6" square bronze colored relief with darker background. looks Heraldic and European in nature 1995 Not disclosed
Ashes (of cremated bone ) 1967+ Under rock piles
Scissors from Smith's Cove 1970 18" under Smith's Cove by fan drain
Large Shoe 1966+ By west-end "wharf(s)"
Small shoe 1966+ By west-end "wharf(s)"
Metal fragments from borehole 10X 1969 between 150' & 200
Heart Shaped Stone 1970 under smith's Cove (3 ft. deep) between low and high tide
Pottery flasks, some with mercury residue 1937 Near Joudrey's Cove
Free mercury in clay at end of drilll bit 1934 On drill bit brought up from hole drilled in vicinity of Money Pit
Parchment 1897 In Money Pit about 154'
Nut (or washer) 1966 South Shore Shaft below 60'
Hand wrought nail 1966 South Shore Shaft below 60'
Srone "triangle" pointing North 1896, 1937 Near South Shore due south of the Money Pit
"Christian Cross" 1981
Inscribed Stone at 90' in Money Pit 1803 At 90' level
Wrought iron Caulking Tool (also referred to as "a piece of metal or cast iron") 1970 Beneath Smith's Cove
Wrought Iron ruler or framing square 1970 Beside one of the buried logs numbered with Roman numerals in Smith's Cove
Sout Shore cofferdam 1961 Underwater off southeast shore
Wrought Iron scissors near one of Nolan's shafts 1963-64? Embedded in earth near one of the 30' deep shafts he had dug between 1963 and 1964.
Cavity at bottom of borehole 10X 1970 180' northeast of Money Pit on the line joining the easterly and westerly drilled rocks at a depth from about 22 to 235'
Three pieces of wire which was copper 1849 Brought up by the auger from the fifth drill hole into Money Pit at about 100'
Valuable item from Money Pit 1849 Fro m Money Pit drill core sample
The Money Pit 1795 Possibly 15' north of north wall of Chappell Shaft (1931) and 10' west of northeast corner of Hedden Shaft
Hand-sawed boards in Smith's Cove 1970 In mud near log structure
Three other drilled rocks 1967-70 (circa) North of the Money Pit
Three links of gold chain 1849 From 2nd drill hole into Money Pit at about 100'
Third drilled rock 1961 Smith's Cove Beach
Tip of smooth stones from the beach, with figures and letters cut on them 1804 In Money Pit at the 50' level
Miner's seal oil lmap 1931 Chappell Shaft at 127'
Pieces of granite below ground in Money Pit area 1931 Chappell Shaft at 116', 130' and 150'
Underground stream below Hamilton Shaft 1942? 12' below Hamilton shaft
Piece of Juniper with bark on it- cut and each end with an edge tool 1861 In west shaft about 118' down
Sprce slab with a mining auger hole in it 1861 in west shaft about 118' down
Part of the bottom of a keg 1861 In west shaft about 118' down
Iron at 126' 1897 Boring down from 90' in Money Pit
Iron at 157' 1938 (July) Borehole #15 in Money Pit area
Hard Metal at 198' 1967 In Money Pit area
Cave-In Pit Shaft 1878 Located about 2/3 of the way between the Money Pit east to Smith's Cove
Silver Spanish Coin dated 1785 1930 Near the foundation of Anthony Grave's house
Stick of Oak Timber of considerable girth and 3 1/2' in length and black with age 1861 Pushed out at 118' from Money Pit in 1861 collapse.
"Acadian axe" brought up in excavating the Chappell Shaft 1931 At 123' level in 1931 Chappell Shaft
Large granite rock with Roman numeral II plus inscriptions. 1936 Half buried in the sand along the beach at Joudrey's Cove
'Coin" judged to date back to Elizabethan period 1937 Found near dump of pottery flasks
Three piles of stones 1961
Sump Shaft 1863, 1867, 1960 Exact location unknown
Gold shavings from Money Pit Pre - 1990 From Money Pit area
Small bit of Gold from Triton Shaft 1974? From bottom of Triton Shaft at about 90'
Original cofferdam at Smith's Cove 1850 In SMith's Cove beyond the Truro Company's cofferdam.
A neat row of 2" timbers approximately 3' long and in good condition 1970 (Sept) Beneath Smith's Cove. See George Bate's Schematic dated Sept. 18, 1970
Two or three boards laid horizontially and tight together about 3' high 1970 (Sept) Beneath Smith's Cove beach close to shoreline.
A Searchers Shaft about 4' wide and 8' long 1970 (Sept)
Pieces of charcoal still embedded in a large piece of vegetation (called coconut fiber) Sept 19 to Oct 14 1970 Beneath Smith's Cove
Clearing in woods surrounding Money Pit with old oak stumps and new growth 1795 Immediately around Money Pit location
Two pieces of a dish 1970 (Sept) Taken out in the vicinity of the loose logs (item #1) (i.e. the "long inclined ramp").
A piece of dish and a piece of mug 1970 (Sept) Found under "long inclined ramp"
Possible flood tunnel drain outside Triton's 1970 cofferdam in Smith's Cove 1970 (Sept) Just above low tide line and just outside the north end of the Triton cofferdam
Old two-inch brass buckle 1963-64 In the bottom of one of two 30' deep shafts dug by Nolan
Rocks with round hole bored or chisled into them. Some with pieces of metal inserted into the surfaces. 1963+ On Nolan's property
Pieces of old hand-cut wood one of which has old iron hinges intact 1963+ Known by Nolan
Piece of wood off the side of a sailing ship 1963+ In swamp on Nolab's property
Old branding iron about 12" long with an iron handle 1963+ From the swamp on Nolan's property
Small beach stones under boulder marking south arm of the "Christian Cross" 1981
Lock with cross shaped keyhole 1963+ Presumably on Oak Island, perhaps in hole dug by Nolan near the north shore at Joudrey's Cove.
Old Railway Trolley with wheels that run on a track 1963+ Beneath mus in Nolan's part of the swamp
Old dagger acquired from the heirs of Sophia Sellers ? Unknown (possibility Nolan knows)
Pieces of dishes and culinary (knives and forks) 1963+ 6' down in a hole dug by Nolan near the north shore at Joudrey's Cove
Sandstone Survey Markers had "marks and figures on them" 1963+ On Nolan's property (and perhaps beyond)
Sandstone "Headstone" of the "Christian Cross" 1981 (June) On Nolan's property. See diagram in Crooker's, "Oak Island Gold", Pg. 180 and reference to iron bar placed by Nolan to detont "exact location of the center or the cheek below the point of the dagger." (Pg. 178)
Dagger-shaped groove in "Headstone" of the "Christian Cross" 1981 (June) On the "Cheek of the Headstone"
Pieces of an old wrought iron pot bellied stove under southern arm boulder of the "Christan Cross" 1981 Diagram on pg. 180 of Crooker's book, "Oak Island Gold" (Cone "B")
Broken chain links from borehole 10X 1969 From depth between 166' and 175' in Bowmaster drill hole #10
Hand-forged wrought iron spike below Smith's Cove 1970 U-shaped structure where "heavy planks were nailed across the uprights"
Spruce coated with pitchblende from 10X 1971 From 27" reboring (10X) at a depth of 167"
Chunks of rust-stained cement from 10X 1971 From a depth of 165' in borehole 10X (27" reboring)
Underground Watercourse through 10X at 180' 1971 At juncture where 10X's 27" steel casing ended and bedrock begins
Knives and Forks under southern arm boulder of the "Christian Cross" 1981 Diagram on pg. 180 of Crokker's Book, "Oak Island Gold" (Cone "B")
Maple keys from clay-filled depression in Money Pit area (mistakenly referred to as "oak buds") 1967 In Various Becker boreholes into "puddled" clay-filled "hole in the bedrock" below 160'
Metal "plate" in Triton Shaft location 1973 From borehole #301 in middle of Triton Shaft location below level where wrought iron wire was retrieved
"Below-bedrock" cavities in Money Pit area 1967 1969 Located below bedrock shelf from about 193' to 199' in Becker borehole #24; from 191' 6" to 197' 6" in borehole #25 and from about 196' to 208' in borehole #35. Also in Bowmaster borehole #9 in 1969 from 200' to 206'.
Bits of charcole from clay filled depression in Money Pit area 1967 From Becker borehole #35 at depth from 178' to 192'
Brick-like "clinker" material from clay-filled depression in Money Pit area 1967 From Becker borehole #35 at depth from 178' to 192'
Anchor Fluke 1931 Chappell Shaft
Coconut Fiber 1795 1896, 1937 1960+ 1967 1970 Money Pit, Smith's Cove
Brass fragment from Money Pit 1967 From Becker borehole #21 at 176' level
Pieces of china from Money Pit area 1967 or 1969 From borehole(s) in Money Pit area
Wood borings brought up from Money Pit 1967 1969 In Money Pit area- specifically Becker boreholes # 5, 24, & 33
Two large ring bolts set in granite boulders 1963+ On Nolan's Oak Island property
Wire pieces(s) from Triton Shaft location 1973 From a borehole drilled in the middle of where Triton Shaft is located at depth of about 110'
"Metal strap "cemented" to stone near old "shaft" at northwest corner of Island" 1971 (April) "A few hundred feet north of the causeway."
White and Pink coloration in seaward "flood tunnel entrances" 1979 in suspected South Shore flood tunnel entrance location (see "Ice Hole" locations)
"Air bubbles in Triton Shaft" 1981 In Triton Shaft from 65 feet down
"Tunnel" in Triton Shaft 1974 In Triton Shaft at about 101' 6"
"Large granite stone with straight while line of quartz (natural)." 1979 Near "Cave-in Pit" and "Stone-lined depression with plates"
"Yellow china found under one of the stones in the quartz-lined boulder formation." 1979 Near "Cave-in Pit" and "Stone-lined depression with plates"
Offshore dumpe of "Originator's Tailings" 1972 Offshore Oak Island at locations known to Dan Blankenship
"Line of four large stones" 1972 In unclear area of the Island to Dan Blankenship
"At least two lines of large stones" 1972 In uncleared area of the Island known to Dan Blankenship
"Spike from old wharf at northwest corner of Island" 1971 (April) "A few hundred feet north of the causeway"
"Unidentified metal strap near old "wharf" at northwest corner of Island" 1971 (April) "A few hundred feet north of the causeway"
"Metal? Near old "wharf" at northwest corner of Island" 1971 (April) "A few hundred feet north of the causeway"
"Metal strap "cemented" to stone near old "shaft" at northwest corner of Island" 1971 (April) "A few hundred feet north of the causeway"
"Burnt places in saucer-shaped depressions including bone ash" 1970 (circa) To be determined
"Pieces of old wood from Borehole 201X some of which were cut by an axe" 1971 (January) Map coordinates B-12 about 97' northeast of borehole 10X and about 257' northeast of Money Pit at depths from 86' to 170'
"Wood fragments from Borehole 10X" 1971 From 167' to 169' in Borehole 10X
"Rose bush root beneath Smith's Cove" 1969 (November) "Near the bottom of large horse-shoe shaped cement and stone foundation approximately 2' below the earth on the edge of the beach in Smith's Cove"
"Clay with post-glacial pollen" 1967? 1970 (summer) In borehole #3 and #201
"Leather sieve or sole found beneath Smiths Cove" 1970 About 3' beneath Smith's Cove beach behind Triton's cofferdam

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