Les has accumulated a variety of files which are made available on this web site for use by Oak Island researchers and interested parties. These files comprise about 3000 pages and include:

  1. Ten Oak Island presentations made by Les.
  2. Various historical and recent files including three design reports by McGill University student groups with Les acting as external advisor. The design reports involve various options for a deep excavation (The Big Dig) to a depth of about 200 feet at the Money Pit.
  3. Stand-alone technical reports and documents related to Oak Island.

Table A: PowerPoint Presentations


Table B: Documents Compiled by Les MacPhie


Table C: Stand Alone Documents


Table D: Miscellaneous Documents


Oak Island Money Pit Poster module

Oak Island Poster

The legend beautifully captured in a high quality 36" x 24" Oak Island poster.


oak island interactive map

Interactive Map

Explore Oak Island's key features using Google's mapping technologies!


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