Historical Accounts

The following three accounts take us as close as possible to the original story of the Oak Island Mystery.


OakIsland Inner Page Image EarlyAccounts LiverpoolTranscriptA story in the Liverpool Transcript newspaper - 1862, Vol19, No1, Pg2 written by an early searcher named J.B. McCully gives us one of the earliest written accounts of the Oak Island mystery. His presentation of the "Oak Island Diggins" is warmly written and sprinkled with the language of the day which adds to the charm.

OakIsland InnerPage Image EarlyAccounts JudgeMatherJudge DesBrisay's book on the early history of Lunenburg County is well regarded as an accurate and faithful telling of the area's rich history. A history that he obviously felt would not be complete without the inclusion of the Oak Island legend.

OakIsland InnerPage Image EarlyAccounts OakIslandTreasureCoPromoting "Shares Only Five Dollars Each", this public effort to raise money for their attempt to solve the Oak Island mystery presents another detailed account of early discoveries on the Island. It claims rather directly that "Our story has to do only with fact, as stated by the men now living and who had a hand in them, or as told to them by men now dead."

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