Who Found
Triton Alliance (Dan Blankenship)
When Found
1970 (Sept)
Where Found
Just above low tide line and just outside the north end of the Triton cofferdam
Firsthand / Secondhand
Dan Blankenship's "Resume of Current work being done at Smith's Cove from August 31 through September 18 1970" dated September 21, 1970. Dan Blankenship's "Progress Report" dated August 16, 1971. Dan Blankenship's "Progress Report" dated May 17, 1979 Pg. 2. Dan Blankenshp's "Progress Report" dated March 22, 1979 Pg. 2
Location Today
Oddity Factor
Assessment of Authenticity
Dan Blankenship refers to "a steady stream of water cold be seen gushing forth from the sand... We dug into it by hand and the water gushed out of a vert coarse gravel and of course it was salty. We couldn't proceed further because of the tide." Note Dan Blankenship's reference that this location had the same white and pink coloration as suspected in the South Shore "Ice Holes" flood tunnels entrance locations.
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