Who Found
Triton Alliance (Dan Blankenship)
When Found
1970 (Sept)
Where Found
Found under "long inclined ramp"
Firsthand / Secondhand
George Bate's Schematic dated Sept. 18, 1970. Dan Blankenship's "Summary of Operations..." (Item #10) dated 9/18/70. Dan Blankenship's "Resume of Operations at Oak Island" from September 18 through October 14, 1970 (dated October 14, 1970)
Location Today
Oddity Factor
Assessment of Authenticity
In Dan Blankenship's "Resume of Operations..." dated September 18 through October 14, he noted finding some 30 pieces of pottery under the inclined ramp (Item #1). Most of these he discounts as being too recent to be of interest. Note the implication of the conclusion for the relative age of the ramp itself.
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