Who Found
Gilbert Hedden
When Found
Where Found
Near Joudrey's Cove
Firsthand / Secondhand
Secondhand - D'Arcy O'Connor's "The Big Dig", pg. 108
"There does not exist an old dump on the island in which are the remains of thousands of broken pottery flasks. That this dump is old is supported by the fact that we found nearby an old coin and an ivory Boatswain's whistle which experts tell us date back to the Elizabethan period. " An interview by D'Arcy O'Connor with Amos Nauss in 1976. "Amos Nauss, one of Hedden's worker's, told me that a liquid residue discovered in some of the flasks was indeed mercury."
Location Today
Under shed on Fred Nolans property?
Oddity Factor
Assessment of Authenticity
Letter written by Hedden to Professor Burrell Ruth
It seems they were pottery flasks not clay which is consistent with how mercury was shipped by the Spanish (and probably others) in the period from 1500 to 1700 or so.
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