Who Found
Canadian Oak Island Treasure Co. (Thomas Nixon)
When Found
Where Found
Borehole #13 from 136 to 169' (approximately 126 to 159' today)
Firsthand / Secondhand
R.V. Harris Pg. 119 to 120 Re: Holes # 13& 14. Furneaux's, "The Money Pit Mystery", pg. 78. D'Arcy O'Connor's, "The Big Dig", Pg 72.
Location Today
Presumed to be approximately 10' to 20' north and west of Chappell and Hedden Shafts respectively.
Oddity Factor
Assessment of Authenticity
4: Possibility that Nixon may have drilled on a slant into 1931 Chappell Shaft
Compare with Dunfield's and Greene's experiences.
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