Who Found
Oak Island Treasure Co. (Welling, William Chappell, Fullerton). William, Mel and Claude Chappell. Edwin Hamilton. Triton Alliance.
When Found
1898. 1931. 1942. 1980 & 1987 (see "Ice Holes). 1992 1993
Where Found
Money Pit end found in Chappell Shaft at 115' in 1931 and in Hamilton Shaft in 1942 at 150' but the latter contradicts in that it found the entrance on the east side rather than the southwest. South Shore ends found in 1898 at 3 locations on or below the low tide line. Hydraulic connection to South Shore also surmised by 4 ice holes found in 1980 and during drilling/pumping action in 1993.
Firsthand / Secondhand
Firsthand and Secondhand - See D'Arcy O'Connor's, "The Big Dig", pg. 60 & 70
D'Arcy O'Connor's, "The Big Dig", pg. 60 &70. Rupert Furneaux's, "The Money Pit Mystery", pgs. 64 & 82. R.V. Harris, "The Oak Island Mystery", pgs. 91 & 92. "Oak Island Detection Program", 1995.
Location Today
Unclear, but ice holes triangulated and video or 1993 indicates general area
Oddity Factor
Assessment of Authenticity
Connections clearly exist but man-made unproven. 1898 and more recent experiences differs as to locations of ocean inlets.
Link to "ice holes" Hamilton found entrance in east side of his shaft
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