Who Found
Oak Island Treasure Co. Triton Alliance (Dan Blankenship, David Tobias)
When Found
1897 1967
Where Found
Money Pit area approximately 115' to 200' depth. Blair says puddled clay encountered from 125 ft until "Iron" object struck at 170' which would be about 115 to 160' in today's measure. Triton encountered from 160' to 200'
Firsthand / Secondhand
Firsthand and Secondhand - "S" F.L. Blair 1926 "F" Dan Blankenship & David Tobias
F.L. Blair 1962 "History of Oak Island..." pgs. 12 & 14. "Triton Alliance -- Summary of Operations..." Pgs. 3:02 & 3:03. D'Arcy O'Connor's, "The Big Dig", pg. 10, 56, 57 & 166. R.V. Harris, Pgs 14, 16, 17, 26, 126, 127. Triton's Becker Drilling Logs: Borehole #13 "Puddled Clay 184 ft. to 200 ft."
Location Today
In situ but probably disturbed by subsequent drilling/pumping action.
Oddity Factor
Assessment of Authenticity
6: Natural explanation possible
"Puddled clay" and "Putty" may or may not be the same substance
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