Who Found
Bob Dunfield, Dan Blankenship
When Found
1965 1966
Where Found
25' South of "Stone Triangle"
Firsthand / Secondhand
Dan Blankenship helped Dunfield excavate this 8' diameter, uncribbed shaft to about 45' in 1965. Dan Blankenship reopened and deepened shaft to about 90' where round granite rock layer encountered. D'Arcy O'Connor,, "The Big Dig" pg. 146 & 167. R.V. Harris, Pg. 80 & 81
Location Today
Still there but backfilled
Oddity Factor
Assessment of Authenticity
5: could be determined to be originators' work if artifacts found in it can be conclusively dated.
"Wrought iron nail" in South Shore Shaft: and "Nut/Washer" in South Shore Shaft. R.V. Harris claims Dunfield excavated this shaft to about 60 ft.
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