Who Found
Smith, McGinnis, & Vaughan to 30/32'
Onslow Company: Simeon Lynds et al to 95'
When Found
Where Found
Original "Money Pit"
Firsthand / Secondhand
F.L. Blair's "History of Oak Island, Nova Scotia..." dated prior to 1926 and quoting from a pamphlet published by the "Oak Island Treasure Company, incorporated by Boston parties in 1893".
Furneaux's, "The Money Pit Mystery", Pg.18 Should check DesBrisay's 1870 & 1895 accounts
"The Colonist" article of 1864
R.V. Harris, 2nd Edition Pgs. 8&9
Location Today
Removed to 95 Feet, no known samples
Oddity Factor
Assessment of Authenticity
Consistent verbal tradition including father to son until recorded in writing
This should be researched further. There are significant inconsistencies as to whether, in fact, there were "oak platforms" "every ten feet." Some had variations in depths and variations on what the layers consisted of e.g. just "a layer of putty" or "a layer of putty-covered oak logs" Similar references to layers of ashes and coconut fibre. We should be careful not to draw conclusions regarding design, location or intent predicated on "oak platforms occuring every 10 feet"" (see R.V. Harris, Pg. 14)
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